Engage your website visitors with interactive video guides & get more reviews

Chatbots are cool and all, but nothing compares to the experience of you.
The Video Guide widget lets you add a more personal touch to any web page.

What will it look like?

Your video guide is unique as you and your brand are. But here is one demo to give you a sense of what you can say. Click the play button on the video guide to your right 👉

Introduce yourself: Who are you and what value your brand can add to their lives

Make it easy for them to find and connect to your products & offers

Make it easy for them to leave video, audio & written reviews. 

Why use a chatbot

when you can just be you?

Make this your own and don't loose your personality touch. With our interactive guide, you can add your personal touch to any web page.

We help you set up your guide

We customize it to fit your brand

We add it to your website

What can I do with it?

Make your website more user friendly, interactive & engaging

We embed your video guide on any web page and bring more life to your website. No coding required.

Book Meetings with you

Collect contact information or let prospects schedule a meeting directly with you. Whether it is booking a workout class or a home showing, it works for you. Works with Calendly, Hubspot, Squarespace & ScheduleOnce.

Get customer reviews

Get reviews and testimonials from your customers & clients via video, audio, or text.  

Generate Leads 
[Super only]

Add your video guide to your homepage to give your site a friendly face. Users simply click the guide to engage with you 24-7. You can then collect their contact details.

'We got 3x more people through our funnel to book a call, compared to using a traditional contact form.' Sam Q, Sales Lead

Get Feedback

Let people answer via video, audio, or text. You can also add multiple choice questions, and even let people schedule an appointment through your calendar.

Measure your NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Get face to face with your customers & take the pulse of your business like never before. Works for employees, too.
View your overall NPS score or dig down into each individual response.

Simple, transparent pricing

Get more advertising conversions starting today and stop losing customers to slow landing pages.With our ineractive video guides, you get the power of you and yor brand on your landing pages to boost ad conversions.

per month billed yearly
*One time setup fee of $99
Easy way to get started:
50mins of video or audio processing per month
Free Hosting
Basic guides (link to pages, products, etc)
Mobile Responsive 
Zerrow branded
Unlimited traffic
Collect Leads
per month billed yearly
*one time setup fee of $199
Everything in STARTER, plus:
 100mins of video or audio processing per month
Zerrow Branded
Data Export
Get customer reviews & testimonials
Get your Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Collect Leads
per month billed yearly
*One time setup fee of $249
Everything in GROW, plus:
200mins of video or audio processing per month:
Add your own brand logo & colors
Collect leads
Get your Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Advanced Integrations


Interactive Guides

Create interactive guides that add value and generate ROI

Embedd on your site

We add your guide to your site


Responsive on all device screens

Campaign Creation

Campaign wise grouping of pages

Simple Analytics

Easy to Measure your page analytics

No Code

No need of programmer for coding

Save Ad Spends

Save dollars by creating valuable content

High Performance

Instant loading pages using Google AMp

Frequently Asked Questions

What can an interactive guide to?

You can guide users to right sections and resources on your website without too much of a fuss. From directing them to your showcase products to asking them to give you a review, this makes it easy for them (and for you too).

Who is it ideal for?

Interactive video guides are great for users who are not comfortable searching and clicking through a website. People may also find this a more user friendly & engaging approach. Users are also expecting more out of their online experience. This meets that need.

Is it complicated to set up?

It is a relatively simple process and we set it up for you. 

How much does it cost?

It starts at $9/month. Our price is based on the number of visitors to your site and the level of interactivity you need. See our price table below.

What else can I use it for?

You can engage your users with surveys, highlight key messages from your team & showcase key resources they may need.

Is it accessible on mobile devices?

Yes it is. We build fully responsive guides that load on mobile & desktop devices. 

Would you like to add an interactive video guide to your website?

Interactive guides can make it easier for your clients & users to find what they need on your website.

Reach out if you are interested in having one on your website: 

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